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Amethyst Crystal Meaning and Uses

The magic of amethyst crystal has been known for centuries. Here is a deep dive into a potent crystal ally to have by your side and one that people tend to encounter pretty early on in their journey with gemstones. With its unique history, healing properties, uses, and meanings, let's get deep with amethyst. 

Amethyst forms in clusters ranging in color from light purple to deep translucent violets with a milky white base. It has been used in jewelry, amulets, rituals, and spiritual practices in many parts of the world. This gemstone helps clear and align the chakras, enhances spiritual and divine connections, and acts as one of the best crystals for protection. 

It is also a very balancing stone that can bring harmony to a variety of experiences. It is associated with the upper chakras, the Crown and Third Eye, further demonstrating its effects on the mind. Here are some key amethyst themes: 

  • Divine connections
  • Spiritual awakenings
  • Aura protection
  • Releasing addictions
  • Soothes emotions
  • Calms nerves and mental body
  • Energetic cleansing and clearing
  • Support with intuition and psychic abilities 
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